(non-)?places - La Citrouille 2016

Emmanuel Revah will exhibit his photo serie (non-)?places at La Citrouille in Granville. The opening will be on June 9 2016 at 7h30PM

La Citrouille
8 Rue Saint-Sauveur
50400 Granville

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(non-)?places - L'Antirouille 2015

On September 27 2015 at 7PM Emmanuel Revah will present some photos at L'Antirouille in Caen, this images are from the series on places and non-places, (non-)?places. The photos are already at the bar. Guillaume Capsowl will take care of our ears as he spins a few discs.

Infos :
29 Rue Caponière
14000 Caen

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(non-)?places - Archipel 2015

For his first solo exhibition at the Archipel in Granville, Emmanuel Revah presents several series of photographs featuring places and non-places, gleaned from wanderings and travels.

"If a place can be defined by its identity, relation and history, a space that can not be defined either by its identity, relation and history is defined as non-space."

Marc Augé, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity

In the universe of Emmanuel Revah, non-places, spaces through which one only passes, in which the individual does not belong and which do not belong to anyone, hold a special place. These are areas in which we can both find peace and solitude. Time seems to stand still and yet long light trails indicate the contrary.

In the same way, for example in his series on Pirou, sharp features, typical of Revah's photography, first appear to show a clear structure before letting the viewer realise that the subjects are in the process of collapsing.

For Revah, a non-place can also be a space of ​​freedom, in which the future is not yet written, paths not yet pre-marked. It is a space of possible trajectories from which one should choose one to move forward upon.

From March 17 till May 13 2015
place Foch
50400 Granville

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